Every musician’s project is different, but we’ve got plenty of resources to help your vision come to life! Below are some of our standard services, to give you an idea what we’re capable of. We’d love to chat about your project

We use professional equipment to capture the highest resolution recordings of your audio. 

Mixing places your audio on a synthesized soundstage and allows us to manipulate how the audio will sound in relation to one another.

Whether you’ve got a song that’s 90% there, and just needs that little hook, or if you’ve got a vision but don’t know how to write it, we’re here to help!

Looking to add a little harmony without adding to your travel budget? We’ve got vocalists who would love to help!

Things happen. Equipment breaks, schedules get conflicted. We’ve got back up musicians that can sit in for a part in your song.

Mastering lets us even out all the levels, and remove anything you wouldn’t want on the final recording. It lets us remove a breathe, or fingers sliding on an E string between chords. 

More information on distribution coming soon.